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I'll be moving to Newcastle in Sept. from the US, and i'd like to bring my bike over, but i'm afraid it'll be too much of a hassle. Does anyone know of any bike shops around the Tyne area, and about how much they run for just a regular cheap-ish bike to ride around town on?

Please and thank you!

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Kinda inactive in here, eh? Are there any other Newcastle/Gateshead communities around?

Question: A friend and I are going to be attending the Masters Programme in creative writing at Newcastle Uni, she in the fiction strand, and myself in the poetry. Anyone else ever taken this course?

Another question: Where should we stay? We've both spent considerable amount of time in the UK, but never on our own or for long periods at a time. We'll be staying a year and would prefer our own flat, or perhaps another roommate or two. We'd like to not stay in dorms. Where could we begin searching for this type of housing? Any websites you recommend?

Thanks :)

Need help and friends ))

I am looking for people who could tell me about Newcastle city and help to find habitation. I am a student and in January I am going to study at Northumbria University.Now I have to decide will I live in university accommodation or I shall rent the apartment. Maybe someone studies at this university or someone hands over rooms?
I'll be very glad to have any help.
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